Ra Ra Riot Rocks the Stage at WOW Hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great band. Awesome music. Great crowd. The other bands with them were Pepper Rabbit( awesome, raw, but none the less, awesome) and Givers( great, really enerigetic. Amazing check them out)


I’m now a contributor to kittykitty100.wordpress.com

Hi there readers,

Just to let everyone know ( everyone who reads this blog) that I am now a contributor to it.  I probably won’t post much because I don’t live anywhere near Lil’ D or alextorres.  I don’t even know alextorres.  I live in southern California and I’ve known Lil’ D for, what, five or six years?  Anyway I’m KayKay but my wordpress username is kaykay3.  I play soccer, I love dogs, I have two dogs of my own, my favorite color is green, I have one brother, people say I’m short but I’m taller than Lil’ D, I’m blonde, I have freckles, and I like music.  Did I leave anything out?  Of course.  There’s probably a million more things I could say.  But no one wants to read about some person they have no idea who they are.  Or… do you?

Creative Writing!

This the Wizard of Oz from the flying monkey’s point of view.

“And you will sereve me forever….” is what she said. The worst decision of my life. She was a dictator, I guess. I wish I could go back in time and do something. Luckily, fate was on my side. I dug up an old spell book that belongs to my master. The next thing I knew, there was a tornado with a house of in the distance. I flew off, to hide myself from her and the book. Hours passed…….. I cruled upp in the dark. I thought about how my brothers fell into her trap. I just sat, thought, weeped…..FINISH ME

Class Review

   I like the class very much.I enjoyed playing with the
wikis. Same with the blogs. I think that the class could
 have used Google have done Docs and other related
things. Mr. Heinz did a very good job of teaching the
class. It would be nice to use some applications like
Inspiration. I think that also the class could have been
more respectful and motivated.Personally, I think that I
could have talked less. Over all I think that the class
was very fun. It could have been a little bit more
planned out,but it was still good.

I Have A Theory…

I have a theory that all black cat are unlucky. I only know to black cats and both are some how injured. Tripod has three legs and Kitty has a scar on her eye. I  have also heard other people tell me that they know an black cat that is some how injured. If you agree or disagree, please leave a comment.